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Romania - VAT on Water Supplies Amendment

Supplies of drinking water in Romania have been subject to the reduced VAT rate of 9% for some time.

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Romania - VAT Rate Cut Postponed?

Further to the report we brought you back in February, it is now being reported that the Romanian government is considering postponing the VAT rate cut from 19% to 18%, which, according to the governing program, was supposed to be implemented on 1 January 2019.

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Romania - VAT Threshold Increased

Romania has published Law No. 72 of March 22nd 2018 in the Official Gazette, which provides for the enactment of certain corporate and VAT amendments.

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Romania - Proposed VAT Rate Cut

It is being reported that Romania’s new government - led by Viorica Dancila, who was earlier this week approved as the country's first female prime minister - is to propose a VAT rate cut from 19% to 18%, beginning on January 1st 2019.

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Romania - VAT Split Payment Amendments Ratified

Further to the news we brought you just before Christmas we can now confirm that Klaus Iohannis, Romania’s president, has ratified the amendments to the VAT split payment mechanism, and they have now been published in the Official Gazette.

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Romania - New VAT Law Published

Further to previous reports we can now bring you news of significant amendments to the proposed VAT split payment mechanism in Romania.

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Romania – Important VAT split mechanism update

On 14th December 2017 the Romanian parliament approved a law that alters significantly the VAT split legislation. Consequently only companies with overdue VAT obligations as of 31st December 2017 and those with delays of more than 60 days in paying their VAT obligations in 2018 will come under the scope of the VAT split mechanism.

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RO - New VAT provisions from 2018

The Romanian government’s current tax plans could add significantly to the cost of doing business.  The scope of Split VAT is one topic being hotly debated at the moment.

The Split-VAT rule (which effectively means using separate accounts for all VAT transactions) was introduced in September and was planned to be in force from 2018. 

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Romania to reduce Income Tax

From January 1 2018 Romanian Income Tax will be reduced from 16% to 10%. This will bring Romania in line with Bulgaria.

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Romania - biggest deficit of uncollected taxes

Romania currently has an outstanding deficit of uncollected taxes, totaling an estimated 7.7 billion euros. This is approximately 37.2% of all their taxes.

 “The uncollected VAT is bigger than the Romanian budget allocation for 2017 for education, infrastructure investments or healthcare,” PwC Central and Eastern Europe, Daniel Anghel.

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