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Italy - Fuel E-Invoicing Postponed

June 27th 2018 saw the Italian Council of Ministers approve a decree which postpones mandatory e-invoicing for fuel supplies until January 1st 2019.

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Italy - Input VAT on Fuel

The Italian Tax Authority (ITA) has released guidance that documents the types of payment that will both allow and enable the recovery of input VAT on purchases of fuel, oil, and other transport-related services. The guidance was issued as Implementing Measure 73203/2018.

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Italy - Further VAT Updates

Further to the news we provided a few weeks ago there have been further VAT amendments which have been approved by the Agenzia delle Entrate - the Italian tax office.

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Italy - VAT Changes Introduced

The recently issued Italian Law Decree no. 148/2017 has introduced several changes and amendments to Italian VAT law.

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Italy - First EU country to introduce a Web-tax

Italy has recently announced that starting from January 2019 will introduce a tax on online sales, becoming in this way the very first EU state to implement the so called “web-tax”.

The provision, that amends the 2018 budget, was approved by the budget committee of the Italian senate a few days ago and introduces a 6% levy on all digital sales.

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IT - Prada signs Italian tax cooperation agreement

Italian fashion house Prada has signed a cooperation agreement with Italy’s tax authorities, it said last week.

The scheme, known as cooperative compliance regime, involves an exchange of information between the company and authorities to avoid disputes and help the business to avoid unexpected tax demands.

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Italy - Simplification of Intrastat Returns from 1st January 2018

Recently the Italian Tax Authorities approved a number of simplification measures relating to the submission of Intrastat returns. Decision n.194409/2017 includes the following changes that will be effective from 1st January 2018:

Intrastat Arrivals (Goods) – mandatory on a monthly basis and if the total amount of acquisitions is above €200,000 in one of the previous four quarters.

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Italy - VAT hike avoided in 2018

This morning the Council of Ministers will set up the 2018 Budget, expected in Parliament, in the Senate, by 20 October. The executive has chosen to discuss the Law at the same time as the Draft Budgetary Plan, which must be transmitted to Brussels by tonight (16 October).

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Italy - Spesometro postponed again

On Wednesday 4th October, the Italian Tax Office (Agenzia delle Entrate) published a new press realese confirming a further postponement of the deadline for the submission of the Spesometro declaration. See our article on the previous postment here.

This report is now due by 16 october 2017 although tax payers are still faced with huge problems.

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Italy: Spesometro - New Deadline

On 25th Sept, Agenzia delle Entrate issued a  press release informing about a new postponement of the deadline for the submission of the Spesometro declaration to 5th October 2017. The submission was due on 28th Sept according to the previous postponement confirmation.

The new extension was necessary after the dedicated portal stopped working for 3 days and returned to work with limited functionality on 27th Sept.

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