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Denmark - Tax Agency Overhaul Complete

July 1st 2018 saw the institution of the administrative overhaul of Denmark's tax authority - the SKAT - with a series of new specialized boards becoming operational.

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Denmark - Airbnb to Report Income

In the first agreement of its kind, which will ensure a direct line of communication between tax authorities of Denmark and Airbnb, all homeowners' income will be reported by the service to Danish tax authorities.

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Denmark - Pilot scheme to support SMEs

A pilot scheme will soon been launched in Denmark to support SMEs on VAT and tax compliance matters.

In fact, according to recent figures published by the Danish Government, around 46% of SMEs make tax errors and 10% make intentional errors to mitigate or evade taxes. In this respect, Karsten Lauritzen, Danish Tax Minister said:

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Denmark - Tax Administration Overhaul

The Danish government has confirmed that their tax authority, the SKAT, will be dismantled and restructured as seven new agencies in an attempt to introduce more specialisation across a broad area of tax administration. The government says that more staff and offices across the country will save the country’s struggling tax administration which has suffered from various scandals in the last few years.

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Denmark - Online VAT Checks

The Danish Tax Board have declared that more resources are to be devoted towards detecting and penalising foreign online sellers of goods to consumers who have not properly accounted for local VAT.

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Denmark – Invoice requirements exemption for foreign e-service suppliers

Denmark has proposed that foreign providers of electronic and digital services to Danish consumers could be exempt from invoice obligations...

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