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Hungary - possible infringement procedure

Hungary is currently under review with the European Commission regarding an infringement with Electronic Trade and Transport Control System (EKAER).  Currently under EKAER, companies should provide detailed information on all EU sales or acquisitions including domestic sales if goods are transported by road. In the Commissions’ view, “this requirement infringes on the VAT Directive in that affects cross-border EU transactions and institutes administrative formalities related to border crossings.”

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Romania - biggest deficit of uncollected taxes

Romania currently has an outstanding deficit of uncollected taxes, totaling an estimated 7.7 billion euros. This is approximately 37.2% of all their taxes.

 “The uncollected VAT is bigger than the Romanian budget allocation for 2017 for education, infrastructure investments or healthcare,” PwC Central and Eastern Europe, Daniel Anghel.

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Germany called in to line regarding EU VAT Rules

The European Commission has recently sent a letter of formal notice to Germany asking to bring its VAT systems into line with EU rules.

In fact, Germany is currently violating the EU rules on VAT Refunds. In particular it does not follow up on potential error messages from MSR. This means that if you are a taxable person not established in the country and you apply for VAT refund through the German e-portal you may potentially lose the right to a refund.

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UK - Implementation of customs, sales tax and excise within the UK if no deal agreed with EU

If no deal has been agreed with the European Union regarding future trading relationships then Britain will prepare a customs, sales tax and excise regime that would operate in such an event.

On Monday the government stated that:

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EU - The creation of European Public Prosecutor's Office agreed by 20 member states

It was agreed on the 12th October that the EPPO, whose central office will be based in Luxembourg, will be in charge of investigating and prosecuting offenders of EU fraud. 

"The creation of the European Public Prosecutor's Office is an important step in European justice cooperation, which will help to protect our taxpayers money.

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Greece - Jackpot to Increase Tax Revenue?

In the hope of reducing tax evasion with an incentive based strategy, the Greek government are planning to issue  EUR 1,000 monthly prizes to a thousand people who use their debit and credit cards to make electronic purchases instead of using cash.

The ruling SYRIZA led coalition has become the latest administration to be unable to cut down the levels of tax evasion after promising a crackdown which has so far failed to work.

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Italy - VAT hike avoided in 2018

This morning the Council of Ministers will set up the 2018 Budget, expected in Parliament, in the Senate, by 20 October. The executive has chosen to discuss the Law at the same time as the Draft Budgetary Plan, which must be transmitted to Brussels by tonight (16 October).

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EU: proposal for Single VAT System

On October 4th 2017 the European Commission announced an overhaul of the current European VAT system. The long-term plan that could take effect on January 1st 2022 includes the introduction of a ‘single European VAT area’. A formal proposal is expected in 2018 but unanimous agreement from all Member States in the Council will be required before the proposal can enter into force.

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EU - Pressure mounting on EU WebTax

At least 10 countries within the EU are pushing to find a formula to increase taxes on corporate tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple.

Spearheaded by France's Emmanuel Macron, and with the backing of countries like Germany, Italy and Spain, all of whom are keen to see change in legislation whereby companies move to low tax jurisdictions countries like Ireland or Luxembourg just to avoid high taxation.

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The Netherlands - Potential New Tax System

The Dutch government is discussing a potential new tax system to come in to place from 2019. Currently there are 4 tax brackets dependent upon an individual’s earnings ranging from 36.55% to 52%. With expats having slightly different criteria at a 30% ruling.

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